Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's A Voodooiene To Do Now

After surviving the wroth of the snow zombies, I turned other projects, reasoning that not all the SZs were dry yet anyway so it was perfectly fine to turn my attention elsewhere.

Luckily for the Things, they had chosen plain vanilla SZs for their dad and his girlfriend, and as those were the first to felt and dry, they were able to begin their work.

I, meanwhile, had a choice between making my dad Lined Sandal Socks (aka Socks To Stuff Into Work Boots When Working in Cold Environs, because my dad so does not do sandals) from Socks, Socks, Socks, edited by Elaine Rowley, or I could download the free Red Hat Bag and Red Hat Pillobox Hat patterns found on the Crystal Palace website and begin those. I looked at the socks, which would be k2p1 in plain black for an entire sock on wee needles (though I satisfied my need for color by choosing a bright red with thin bits of black for the lining) and then at the bag and hat and their respective pieces, all of which would knit up nice and quickly on large needles.

With willful denial (for which I am perhaps a tad too well known) I skimmed over the fact that the Red Hat presents would lead me inexorably back to the washing machine, the zippered pillowcase, and the Shoe of Agitation.

I wanted to knit something fast, something that would make me feel like I had accomplished a great deal all at once, instead of feeling like I was knitting the same lunchtime bottom snowball over and over.

I knew I could produce the right felting magic this time around. One zombie bag and one zombie hat were sure to magically, happily felt. (Voodooienes never say die, after all.)

And before we embarked on the great Take-The-Things-South-To-Their-Dad migration, I had finished the bag, the rosebuds, the straps and most of the leaves.

Life is good. Particularly as I’m going to be gone and won’t have to face the washer in the immediate future.

Ta ta!

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