Monday, December 22, 2008


The snow began yesterday, so I took a break from cleaning (really had to work to convince myself to stop--honest) and went out for a walk in the tangle of mini-wilderness behind my house.

(you might want to click to embiggen that last one. I was afraid lightening it would mean losing the strange color of the storm light.)

I took lots of exceptional-amounts-of-awe-but-average-amounts-of-talent pictures, but after awhile frost began to form on my lens and I got these, which I thought sort of fun.

I assumed the temperature must be dropping because I hadn't been out long, so why else would my lens be having technical difficulties? (Well, I'm sure there are actually a lot of why elses, but humor me in my ignorance, okay? Thanks so much.)

When I got in though, I discovered I'd actually been out an hour. I found that almost disquieting, because it seemed as if I had only spent a few moments out there; and too few, at that.

As night deepened, the wind picked up to an absolute howl, and I awoke to this.

The green line is the hedge, which is 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall.

Better still was the view from the back door.

First nothing

then, with a little help, this

(or, for a view of what the snowbank on the back porch looked like while sitting on the floor, this).

But best of all? The door would not open. Too much snow piled against it. Happy, I ran to the enclosed porch.

Ditto. Elated, I ran to the door leading into the garage. No way that puppy was moving either.

I was trapped in the house on a work day!! I could go crochet crazy! I could knit with abandon! I could..hit the the garage door opener by accident on my way up the steps.

Um. Well, darn. I took a deep breath and went and got dressed for work.

My kind neighbors came with their snow blower and made me a path so I could await my ride.

And at least this is my view from my office window.



NeedleTart said...

Wonderful! All we have in PA is damp sidewalks. Makes getting to work easier, but sure is ugly to look at.

Anonymous said...

Brrr, reminds me of the snowfall we got right before Christmas in CA high desert country. Lots of damage and breakage to the Joshua Trees and yuccas, but they will come back weirder than ever.

I saw a comment you left on another blog mentioning your dyslexia. Do you know of any resources that might help me teach my 10-year-old dyslexic great-niece to crochet? If so, we would be very grateful.

marylou at cwnet dot com

SunshineDreams said...

Mary Lou,

Sending you an email now! :) Hope it helps.

I'm more than happy to hook another crocheter (hmm hmm) so feel free to keep an ongoing conversation up if needed.