Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going Postal

I think the post office is out to get me. I strongly suspect demonic possession.


At first, I thought it was confined to international postal transactions. I mean, it wasn't unusual to receive a box from loved ones across the pond that came home looking like this:

All that were holding those packages together was the tape and the good will of postal people in countries the to which the boxes had never been addressed (though they somehow ended up in places like Romania anyway).

I'm sure the postal demon gnashed its little teeth at said goodwill undoing all of its careful package mangling planning and vowed its revenge on nice people.

Because slowly, sneakily, the little imp has begun to do funny things with even Stateside mailings. It took advantage of me when I went on a bit of a yarn & supplies spree and ordered several things all within days of each other.

It didn't do it without first creating a false sense of security. It let me receive this yarn from Rikes Wollmaus in Germany for the Baby Surprise Jacket for little Lief.

(Note the German postmark and remember how far it travelled...)

Then it let me receive this bag from Spunky Eclectic

and this DVD from School House Press.

Three good deliveries in a row. I should have known it was too good to last.

It was with the Afghan and cro-hooks from Turn of the Century that the postal demon struck with its full, malevolent fury.

Bill, from Turn of the Century, does exquisite work, and when I asked about him on Rav, I received glowing reviews about his customer service as well.

I found the page of regular crochet hooks first and just sat staring at them, stupefied by their beauty. The PD took note of that; I'm sure it did. Had I been paying attention, I would have heard its little snigger then.

But no, I blithely got hold of Bill and found out that in addition to cro-hooks and regular hooks, Bill did do Afghan hooks as well (found on the Odds 'n' Ends page) and we worked out what I would need.

I tried to pay via Paypal, but the PD had obviously coerced Paypal's demon into assisting, because Paypal didn't work. Bill discovered there were some updates he needed to do. I suggested a money order, promptly went out and got one, and rather tardily sent it out (because I'm like that). Still, it was only a few days behind the Rikes Wollmaus payment, you know?

Due to my own negligence, I tried to be patient whilst waiting for my order. (And all of you who know me can quit snorting with laughter over that sentence. Because I did. Really.)

Still, Turn of the Century is in Ohio. I live only a few states from Ohio, as opposed to one large ocean and several other countries away from Germany. So when I received the above mentioned BSJ yarn before the hooks, I have to admit I sensed a not-so-divine presence at work in my life. I sent Bill a polite email. The email bounced back. Puzzled, I resent from another address. I received a prompt reply stating that he had not received my email informing him that payment had been sent (even the email demon works for PD, apparently), nor had he received the payment itself. I sent a "but I sent it!" reply. He sent back a, "but I still haven't received it, so sorry" email in return. (There were other emails--several--but as they were of a similar vein, I won't bore you any more than I already have.)

Poor Bill. Between missing emails and missing payments, I wouldn't have blamed him if he thought he was dealing with a psycho crochet hook stalker. Finally, I offered to pay via the now working just fine Paypal the next day and trust that if the money order ever appeared, he would cash it and return the funds to me. He assured me that he would.

Er, the next day I got busy. It's that prompt decision followed by tardy action bit that I mentioned above.

And the PD chortled, guffawed, and then roared triumphant laughter.

I mean, really. What a git, you know?

The next day I seated myself before the computer in defiance of the PD, determined that I would not only successfully submit a Paypal order, but that I would somehow get word of it to Bill, subversive demon network or no subversive demon network.
Then I opened my email, and saw this:


The money order finally showed up. A bit worse for wear, but intact. I should be able to get the hooks in Wednesday's Priority Mail. I will email after they are in the mail.

So, approximately three days after I received this email (and three weeks after the yarn came from Germany) I received these (the cro-hook is in its black carrying case; don't ask me why I did took the pic that way. I just did):

And the box wasn't even dented.

Back at ya, PD.

(And for everyone out there wondering, yes, I did send the money order to the correct address. I know this because I asked Bill and he confirmed that I had. So quit laughing, J. I mean it.)

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