Friday, August 8, 2008

City Sheep & General Rambles

I don't know where this particular breed of sheep hails from, as Thing 2 sent the pictures on to me, but I sooo want some!

(Methinks you can click to embiggen. If so, you definitely should.)

But hey, these are the only sheep I can see getting past the neighbors in the metro area without them complaining that loud, bleaty animals are keeping them up nights (though they'd be quieter than a dog AND would keep my grass trimmed). I mean, I'd be cutting my coat to fit the cloth, right? Right.

And right now I should be knitting up a storm for baby/toddler presents when we go back out to Maine at the end of the month. Cecelia's bunny has only a bit of a dress done, nothing else. Lief's BSJ yarn just arrived from Germany (and not at the address at which I am now residing so must touch base and try to get it--sigh) so I've not cast on so much as a stitch and end of the month is heading up to smack me in the face right quick. Basically, much to get done.

But what am I doing? Figuring out the layout of my new classroom (in my head, mind you), attempting to avoid throwing all the knitting to the wind completely and trying out my new Tunisian crochet hooks (just arrived after a long and harrowing trip, but that's another post), realizing that now that I'm back on a good connection I really have nothing interesting to post (Irony, irony; though if I started that baby blanket with the new hooks I could. Gah! Must. Resist. Temptation.) and counting down the days until teacher retreat, which happens to be on a lake away up north. That idea is making me and my kayak very, very happy.

I don't care if the kayak has nothing to do with lesson plans. It wants to go, so it's going. No one in their right minds will be up at 6:00 a.m. to lesson plan anyway (and if they are, then I'm going to seriously freak) so the kayak and I will be free to hit the water.

Everyone says farther north looks more like home (Maine). I wonder if that will be a relief to city-bound me or if it will make me homesick?

Oh, that's a question I really don't need to ponder. Someone tell me from where those sheep hail (knowing my luck, AT & T owns them) and meanwhile, I'm back to knitting a bunny skirt...


NeedleTart said...

By googling "sheep telephones" I found out that these are in the Frankfort Communication Museum. Shoot! I forgot the artist and good old blogger won't let me navigate away.
Lucky you! A retreat to plan lessons. We're lucky if we get paid to go in a day early and go over new curriculum for the year. Enjoy the water (even if you do get up at 6 am).

SunshineDreams said...

I googled again for you (good search terms). The artist is Jean-Luc Cornec. The photos that Thing 2 sent were from the site, but no photo credit was given, :(

Catherine Thompson-Coffe said...

These are English sheep;Black Suffolk, I think. Not sure since I only deal with French breeds but that's what they look like to me. As for your little dream of using them as lawnmowers, remember where you live! They need shelter and hay for the cold season! If you can't provide that, don't go.
I think you know who this is!
Love, Maman

SunshineDreams said...

So does that mean the Suffolk, England phone company would need to play vet?

Snicker. You are too funny, Maman. Click on the picture to make bigger, and you will see these guys would need to eat wires, not hay!

Though I suspect you are pulling my leg as it is...