Monday, June 16, 2008

Movie Mind Games

I don't think it matters that I've sewn them up, albeit inexpertly.

The blinkin' bunny bits are messing with my mind big time. And in the most bizarre ways.

It started while they were still scattered pieces. I kept getting these odd cross references to morbid movies. They made me giggle, in a sort of nervous way. Silly B's bits evidently thought they were worth blogging about. I, on the other hand, wasn't really sure that the world needed to know that much about my weirdness. But the bunny bits were determined.

And now, I see, I'll have to explain all.

There's something kind of off, I've decided, about doing a stuffed animal that comes in parts.

The only other stuffies I had done were some crocheted birds and they were all in one piece.(They are also seemingly the only project for which I did not take pics. When I dig their little, loved-to-the-point-of-battered selves out of storage, I'll add their photo.)

But as I staked each bunny piece out, I began to feel like some strange sort of cousin to Glenn Close in her Fatal Attraction phase. Not pleasant. Only my firm resolution to cook nothing for dinner that involved a large pot helped me shake the feeling.

Well, that and the Sesame Street beach towel on which the pieces were being blocked. Somehow, Glenn hadn't seen like a Sesame Street kind of girl in that movie.

I thought things would be better as I prepared to sew the bunny up. I was wrong.

Enter Frankenbunny moment. I had disembodied bits lying all about my little operating table. All I needed was a blackened sky, an eerie wind and an appropriately hunched assistant to hand me more T-pins and fluff the fiberfill while I attached a nice lightning rod to the sewing machine.

Fine, fine. I had had a strangely morbid turn of mind but that could be overcome by what I was sure would be the Peter Cottontail-esque moment that would come when I wrote the bunny blog.

What I got instead was me shamelessly ripping off two quotes, "Show me the bunny bits = Show me the money" and "Silly B had me at CO 13 stitches = You had me at hello" from a movie that was thankfully not twisted, but, c'mon. It's a movie I've not even seen.

Maybe Silly B will leave me alone if I get back to her summer dress instead of sneaking in sock knitting time. If that's what it takes, so be it.

But I am so not renting her any DVDs. Especially not Jerry Maguire.

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