Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Little Blog

The blog has asked to me write and inform you that it is buried under work at a temporary job (everyone should get paid well for playing with toddlers), moving (in the real world, not the virtual) and yet another cover letter for yet another right-up-my-alley job.

Its little life should be far less hectic come 1 July, when the cover letters and move will be complete. It hopes, despite its utter dependence on the person tapping the keyboard, to have an exciting (hmm hmm) post about New Zealand and its yarn. This isn't a complete impossibility, given that Things 1-4 are being kidnapped by their various grandparents at around that time.

Until then, the blog begs your forgiveness at its (relative)boringness. If you're that hard up, there's always the archives, which, let's face it, shouldn't take any time at all to read, given that there's not much in them.

Or, says the blog, you could go read the blogs of people who aren't frogging lace on socks because they left their knitting a tad too near an inquisitive two-year old.

Your call.

Either way, happy end (sort of) of June!


NeedleTart said...

At least you have some good reasons. Mine seems to be, "The cat ate my password" sort of excuse. Good luck with the move. *shudder*

SunshineDreams said...

LOL at this point, I would so take the "the cat ate my password" excuse.

Here, kitty, kitty....

(So how's the weather there? Hot & muggy here...)