Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving House

I'd let the blog go. Not pretty, but there it was.

Truth to tell, I'd been buried in sending out teaching applications (Thirty some out in fifteen or so states at the moment) and trying to adjust to being surrounded by family again after living half a continent away.

There's nothing wrong with my family, mind you. I just tend to be an introvert in large crowds, and when we get together we are not a tiny gathering.

At any rate, I focused on kids and apps and knitting and crocheting while the the poor blog sulked angrily in a corner, feeling neglected and unloved.

I've finally had enough, though. It's gotten to the point where there is constantly yarn and needles or hook in my hands. Seriously. And despite not writing about it, I've still been busy.

The result? A backlog of projects to blog and nifty things to tell.

All of which has not been done.

So today I made a change. I left this notice at the old blog space:

The move has been made!

Bwa ha ha I have moved my blog to the following place

It's called Confessions of a Bistickual Crafter: The Life & Times of a Novice Knitter and Crocheter.

Bistickual, snork. Get it? Er, knitting needles AND crochet hooks?, yeah, never mind.

It was funny at the time.

Nothing much new there yet. I've posted all my old blogs (though one is misbehaving) and am about to start a massive couple of catch up posts there. Then it's hopefully back to posting there on a regular basis so I can submit the blog to a knitters/crocheters blog ring.

So this will be the last of the posts at the old stand.
Hope to see you at the new!

And what will the new include? Updates on hats and socks, plus shawls and bunnies not yet even heard of. Signs that I may be knitting too much. Memorial crochet. Knittin' chickens. You know, the usual bistickual crafter stuff.

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