Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Loved

I love Mother's Day. My children know me well.

From Thing Three: a movie picked out especially for mom, and hey since it happens to be their favorite series, why don't we all watch it together?

From Things One and Two: a totally cool knitting chickens sock needles and crochet hook case to match my knitting chickens bag, both created by the totally awesome ZigZag Stitches on esty. That is one seller who will do anything for a customer, including making sure their mom's favorite chickens (one knitting a chicken foot sock despite its lack of legs and another with its yarn hopelessly snarled and a happy smile on its beak) are strategically placed for optimum viewing.

From Thing Three: dark chocolate kisses because you like dark chocolate AND there are lots for you to share, mom, which wouldn't have happened if I'd just picked out one candy bar; and

The homemade stuff. Thing Three's the last of the elementary age kiddos, so I'm treasuring the homemade for all it's worth.

And now I think I will use my wonderful new bookmark (complete with a photo of Thing Three mugging it up) to mark my place in my novel. I've got a movie to go watch. I just hope I don't get any of the chocolate on my needle and hook case.

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