Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And it really is the first (of November...)

Believe it or not, I have some October blogs written. I was forced to take one night off from unpacking to just write, as there was this funny little tic under one of my eyes and my Things had begun to gathering in a little knot to hold whispered conferences that always ended abruptly whenever I entered the room.

I confronted them on this and the fact that they had ulterior motives for these chummy gatherings. They denied this, saying that Things always consulted each other. And got along. I was hallucinating if I didn't think they were always this way. I eyed them suspiciously, then returned, twitching, to the mountain of boxes, telling them and myself that I was fine, just fine.

It was the missing knitting & crocheting books and yarn that did me in. After a week and a half of having them safely packed away, I cracked. I opened every single box in the house and garage, tumbled their contents, and did not rest until every tin full of yarn was stacked in an untidy heap in my room and the boxes of books were sitting on top of the box containing the bookcase I had not yet put together. I think at this point I may have just sat in my little craft-filled corner, rocking back and forth and chuckling maniacally while I held a hank of baby alpaca against my cheek.

It was then that Things gathered in my doorway. Things Three and Four shoved Thing Two, the obviously newly-appointed leader, into the room with me. She approached cautiously.


I chuckled softly under my breath and clutched the the soft fiber more tightly.

Thing Two put her arms around me and hauled me to my feet (she's a strong Thing). She led me over to my laptop.

"Why don't you blog awhile, Mum?" she said in that soothing tone that psych ward nurses reserve for mental patients who might go beserker at any moment. "Now let's put down the yarn and write, okay?"

The tricky little blighters had already pulled up the blog page. They knew how to hook me.

And so I wrote. And wrote. And gradually the twitch under my eye faded away and my head began to clear.

I finished some blogs with a grand flourish, announced that I was even up to making dinner instead of ordering out, and watched as the Things heaved a collective sigh of relief.

"Just let me throw the pictures in," I said.

It was then that we realized that in my frenzy to find yarn and books, I had somehow managed to bury the camera.

It's always the little things, isn't it?

So, with the camera finally re-found, and the boxes gone enough to justify me returning to the computer, the first few days of November will be a stroll down memory lane, as it were.

Hope you don't mind.

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